Updated Policy.

From the 19th July the governments advice is to make masks non-compulsory. However, to provide the safest environment for our staff and customers  we have decided, until further notice, to continue to wear masks and continue with our Covid-19 policy, just as we have been doing previously and as is described below.

Whilst it is no longer a legal requirement, we are asking customers to continue wearing facemasks during their visits to us, except where they have a genuine reason for not wearing one.




We are operating by appointment only, including sunbeds! Please book online or by phone. No walk-ins are allowed.


Please do not come to the salon if you or a member of your household has developed a cough, fever, loss of taste, breathlessness, sore throat or headaches in the last 14 days.


Hand Sanitiser must be used when first entering the salon and is available throughout the salon.


Please wear a face covering. Face masks can be purchased for £1.


We have no waiting areas in the salon. Please arrive promptly for your appointment, on your own. Do not bring friends, family or pets with you. If you arrive too early you may have to wait outside and if you arrive too late your appointment may have to be cancelled a rescheduled.


Please arrive without unnecessary luggage, bags, coats etc.


No food or drink allowed. We can only offer water in a disposable cup.


Please do not use your phone while you’re in the salon.


Please use contactless payments whenever possible.




Staff will maintain sunbed cleanliness. Each cubicle will be sterilised after each use.


Disposable Wink-Ease will be offered free to sunbed customers and goggles can be purchased for £1.


Customers’ sunbed lotions and goggles can no longer be stored at the salon. All purchases must be taken home.


See through screens have been placed in front of the sunbeds. Please use them to see if your exit is clear before leaving the cubicle.

Beauty Therapy


Staff will wear PPE as advised by current government guidelines and screens have been placed on tables and reception.


All nail files are single use only. They will be offered to you to take home or thrown away after use.


As part of our normal routine all towels and sheets will be replaced in between customers. Desks, chairs and surfaces will be cleaned and sterilised after each treatment. Tools will be washed and sterilised after each use as well.


Due to time restraints and the need to reduce treatment times some complicated nail art will not be available for the time being.